Inspiration & why innovation and renewable energy matters a lot

Here is a great video clip (it’s only 1 min and 40 sec).
It shows you why we do what we do, and we hope that it may inspire you!


At ICEBERG Innovation we help others to innovate, because we believe that there are some problems which cannot be solved by the solutions and technologies that are available today.

We use our main talent – our ability to innovate on demand – in combination with our creativity and engineering skills. We have over 20 years of experience working with CEOs and management teams to create better products, innovative services and profitable models. We work across all industry sectors, because innovation is needed everywhere.

Which or what problem would you like to see solved? Or can you solve a real problem for others, but need help to get funding to get the product to market? You might be interested in our products or services.


And by the way, yes our houses and the main offices are powers by solar energy, and in fact we produce a lot more electricity than we need.


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