We had a number of requests from our customers:

  • #1: Can you please put at least some of your know-how into a book?
  • #2: How can we innovate when we have to? We’d like to create another competitive advantage using your method.
  • #3: How do you guys deliver your “innovation-on-demand” service? How do you do it?
  • #4: Can you teach us how you are able to create one innovation after another?
  • #5: Can you please put $1.1 millon dollars into our bank account (like you did with MTU Pty Ltd)?

The short answer is YES, we can, if we only had a bit more time…
So we tend to take on new clients, but time and finding new qualified staff is still the bottleneck.

As the founder of ICEBERG Innovation, I feel that I can contribute and assist many more people and companies to innovate, regardless if they are or become a client. After all, capturing know-how in a bood is a good method to share it with others, so I have finally committed to writing it.

I decided to write the book using the working title ‘when failure is NOT an option”. Please feel free to pre-order this book.
Just leave a note here to signal your interest. No purchase commitment needed at this stage. Just say hello if you are interested.

Best regards