(Re)invent your competitive advantage

Innovators can command a higher price, because they create value for their customers that cannot easily be replaced with another product or service. ICEBERG Innovation provides products and services that strengthen competitive advantages and build resilience into business models. Now you too can tap into 25 years of expert innovation know-how to future-proof your business.

Stagnate or Innovate

Innovation Expertise

Do you want to innovate or not? You have a choice. Choose wisely and get experts to help you with your Innovation Strategy, Systems, Audits and Advice. Read more…

Electronics & New Products

Commercialisation Advisory

Benefit from our expertise of real-world Innovators, Technologists and Engineers who have designed, build and brought products to life that are now being mass-produced by some of the largest companies.


Capital Raising and Government Grants

We’ve had over 50 successes with helping young companies to raise capital from investors or access Government Grants. Our specialty are projects with at least some innovation or commercialisation aspect. Read more…

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