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Innovation can be race, and you have to start somewhere. And whilst you can start anywhere, we don’t recommend it. Instead we recommend attacking innovation strategically and with at least some professional help. There are many reasons why so many companies fail to produce the financial results they were hoping to achieve from their innovative ideas, and we know why. Even better, we know what’s needed to support companies, and with a proven process (among other important factor) the return on investment improves significantly. With the right help, it’s not that hard. Yes you can learn to innovate, and that’s where we can assist you.

Cross Roads

If you are already innovating, are you taking the right road to success?

Are you sure? When you are at the cross roads where you need to make a decision, then who do you ask?

Most people ask their friends, family and their trusted advisers of course, typically all those who you’ve known for a long time and those who you trust. Generally this approach is good, but it’s also naive to think that those you know best are the ones that give you the best advice. Think about it: If you are in another country far away from home, then who do you ask for directions? Imagine you are a bit lost and Google doesn’t give you the answers that you need.  It’s often much better to ask a complete stranger who is familiar with the area, than it is to ask your friends and family who have never been in this area or situation before. So when you set out to innovate or do something different you’d better…

Ask the Innovation Experts

We are very often asked to quickly assess a situation because of our innovation experience and neutral position. We offer unbiased advice, and outline possible innovation strategy options. If the clients ask for it, we provide strategic recommendations based on many years of experience with new products and business innovation.

Innovation Audits and Benchmarking

We understand that you, your business and your situation is unique. Because of this, we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach and try to fit all people and businesses into one-size-fits-all box. What we do instead gaining a good understanding of your situation and needs first. We can do this informally or we can provide you with a 100% objective assessment using our proprietary IP and unique system for Innovation Audits.

Benefits to you

Our audits can inform you very precisely about the status quo, your current situation (from a neutral and independent point of view) and key areas where a change would have the biggest impact onto your financial bottom line. Our Audits have been specifically designed to address a lack of innovation strategy or situations where innovation activity has not yet resulted in a good financial outcome. By using our auditing approach we are able to compare your situation with over 3000 other companies who already have completed this Innovation Audit before. We guarantee 100% confidentiality and we use NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) as a standard operating procedure. We use aggregated data and provide you with a detailed report which includes the benchmarking information that will give you valuable insights into where exactly you stand in comparison to other companies. Our report will empower you to take the right action, and not just any action. Remember, all roads go somewhere, but you want to make sure that you’re getting as quickly on the right road.

Innovation Consulting

Forward Thinking Innovation

For a strictly confidential discussion, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Generally the first hour of consultation is free of charge.

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