Funding for Startups and established Companies

Are you looking for funds to commercialise an innovative new idea, product or service?
Are you in startup, development or expansion phase?
If you answered yes to both questions, then you’ve come to the right place.

ICEBERG Capital Raising Services

Funding for your Startup, Development or Expansion Phase

Early stage companies find it often very difficult to raise capital or access other funding, and even well established businesses find it sometimes hard to access external funds, but this doesn’t have to be that way. It can, in fact be relatively easy if you have something innovative. This could be a new product, a service, a process or a new business model – or simply an idea for something great.

But when you need money, you wonder why it “rains” money and grants for some businesses, and others are missing out? The answer is simple: Those who get the funds typically have a great innovation AND great help to unlock the money. That’s where our firm comes in.

Got Rain?

For some it's raining money

Our team helps clients to raise capital from investors or access funding from other sources. We’ve literally made it rain – so far for well over 50 companies.

You may be interested in what we see as the ideal funding, which is money that you

  • don’t have to repay (e.g. grants)
  • don’t have to pay interest on
  • don’t have to put up security (e.g. in form of a house or other asset)

Sounds good? It is possible, at least in Australia where we operate most of the time.
Unlike the banks, we assist companies to access non-repayable, interest-free funding.
So how do we do it? Contact us here to find out if you qualify.


Why do you do this?
(A) because we can and (B) we really enjoy this kind of work. And of course, we earn a success fee.

How high is the success fee?
The sum is typically a small percentage that we negotiate at the start of the project. The actual sum depends on (A) the sum that we are going to raise for you and (B) how much work is required from our end. Let’s say you need $1m to get to the next stage in your business. Than that’s great, because it’s generally doable and the success fee will be a much lower percentage than if you want us to raise let’s say $200k. We generally like bigger projects, because it involves more challenges and higher fees for us, but nonetheless we do take on much smaller projects when time permits.

When is the success fee due?
The success fee has to be payed within 7 days after you receive the money in your bank account.
So don’t stress about how you are going to pay for it! You WILL be able to pay it out of the money that you’ll receive.

What range of funding do you offer or get involved in?
We love projects over $200k, and we don’t have an upper limit, but we’re also not the right company if you need more than $5m in the short term. Projects ranging from $600k to several million is what we’re used to and where we are good at helping clients. For anything above and beyond, we would have to speak to you and decide on a case by case basis.

What types of projects are eligible?
There needs to be some level of innovation, uniqueness or inventiveness, otherwise our system doesn’t work.

Do I/we have to do a presentation?
Most likely yes, unless you want us or someone else to represent you.
As part of the service we offer, presentation training and coaching is part of our package and yes we will be at your side when it’s your time to shine. We recommend that you are getting involved (and not outsource this), because it’s worth it, it makes our job easier and it’s not as stressful as you may think it is.

What does a presentation look like?
Most investment or grant presentations are semi-formal and in a small group, so there’s nothing to be afraid of. It can be verbal, and may include some slides or print outs. A quick demonstration is always nice if that’s appropriate and possible. As an example, many of our joint presentations look like this:


Where will the presentation or meeting take place?
Generally these meetings take place in one of our offices in Australia, or at your office or premises.

Do I have to be Australian citizen in order to be eligible?
No you don’t need to be an Australian, but to access grant funding, you must have an operation in Australia (or willing to establish one), otherwise you won’t qualify.

What if we have a great idea, but we’re unsure if its a good fit or not?
We offer a free consultation to discuss eligibility and merit of the project.
This is important for both sides, since we don’t want to be wasting you or our time on a project that wouldn’t work.

What are you looking for in new clients?
Generally we are looking for clients who are passionate and serious about what they do. If there’s not enough passion, it means there won’t be enough action and then we can’t help. But if you’re passionate about what you do, then we can help, so read on.

We’re also looking for people who can or could execute a project. If you are passionate and willing to drive a project, we can can help you with the innovation (the magic step of coming up with something new and useful), and with the capital to make things happen, but we cannot run your business for you. That’s why we are looking for people who have not only passion, but also the desire to stay involved at least for a while to make things happen.

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