Inspiration & why innovation and renewable energy matters a lot

Here is a great video clip (it’s only 1 min and 40 sec).
It shows you why we do what we do, and we hope that it may inspire you!


At ICEBERG Innovation we help others to innovate, because we believe that there are some problems which cannot be solved by the solutions and technologies that are available today.

We use our main talent – our ability to innovate on demand – in combination with our creativity and engineering skills. We have over 20 years of experience working with CEOs and management teams to create better products, innovative services and profitable models. We work across all industry sectors, because innovation is needed everywhere.

Which or what problem would you like to see solved? Or can you solve a real problem for others, but need help to get funding to get the product to market? You might be interested in our products or services.


And by the way, yes our houses and the main offices are powers by solar energy, and in fact we produce a lot more electricity than we need.


Why innovate?

It’s about Profit, Market Share, Success and Survival

The problem: Every product and service has a beginning and an end. Most people just don’t realise this.

We tend to think that some things have been there forever, and we somehow fool ourselves to believe that things will stay the way they are. But the aren’t.

Change is the only constant

Product Life Cycle

Consider the Product Life Cycle shown above

Every product and service has a lifespan. Just the time scale varies.

Do you remember VHS video, or how photographs were taken on film? We’ll, I do. And I think we all agree that something newer and better – digital imaging – has taken over, much to our own benefit. All products or services will sooner or later be replaced by something else.

It is normal that an offering will be in decline or not needed anymore at some time in the future. Remember the good old phone book? When have you used one the last time? Isn’t it far easier and quicker to just Google to find what you’re looking for? Do you remember the information phone numbers, where you could call someone to find a persons or a companies phone number? Those services have long been replaced with websites and online directories. Back then, when those services were considered “normal” is was almost inconceivable that one day they might not be needed anymore.

Innovation is the way we humans evolve.

In nature we call it evolution, in business we call it innovation. It’s the way we evolve.
No company can afford not to innovate, and it takes a deliberate effort to make innovation work. That’s where our team can help with a dedicated and specifically tailored Innovation Strategy and other offerings.

The 2nd Problem: If you don’t innovate, someone else will.

In our quest for securing our own livelihood (income), security, safety and lifestyle many of us tend to stick with a “safe job”. The trouble is that there are no safe jobs anymore. In the past it was OK to learn a skill or job, and then you could stick with it for the rest of your life. Not anymore. Technology and the rate of change, driven by those who change, adapt and make best use of technology has an impact on all of us, regardless if we want this or not.

Growth Graph

Innovation is THE KEY to business success and growth. Without it, a lot of hard work may not pay off as your offerings are easy to be replaced with something else.

Without innovation you are limited to charge for your products and services at the going market rate. And if you’re too expensive, your customers will shop elsewhere. With innovation on the other hand, you’ll gain differentiation which means you develop a unique selling point (USP) or a unique value proposition (UVP) that allows you to set yourself apart and charge more.


Innovate or Die?

The forces that are shaping industries and competition dictate that change is inevitable.
It seems there is always someone who is very eager to win the race, earn more money or who is maybe just focused on doing a better job to make their customers happier.

Forces Shaping Industry Competition

The basis of competition means that there’s an ever-increasing need to innovate to stay afloat and in business. In the long term, it is about the survival of your organisation and your job security.


Done well, innovation activities

  • provide new solutions and new income streams
  • deliver alternative futures with better outcomes
  • help to secure the future of your company and career

ICEBERG Innovation and its partners provides the tools, know-how, products and services to assist organisations to better cope with an ever changing world and to benefit from innovation strategies to deliver better outcomes.



Breakthrough with the ICEBREAKER method

We’re proud to publicly announce our new framework called ICEBREAKER™.

When you are in a crisis or in need of innovation, it’s typically not easy to come up with a good solution quickly. That’s why we’ve been looking for ways to solve this problem, and we’re very pleased with the results so far. Our method is not entirely new; quite the opposite actually, because it is based on over 25 years of our own practical work experience developing new products and services. Today, our ICEBREAKER™ method represents the latest thinking which incorporates all the lessons we’ve learned from innovating over all these years. And yes, we have – of course – incorporated all the lessons from our clients and many other companies into one concise framework.

Does it work? Oh YES! We’ve tested this process with many of our customers and we are now so confident that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee.

Details on our method will be made available soon, so please check back later or click here to find out more today.

ICEBERG in the ocean


Our name stands for something solid. ICEBERGs are solid.

However, changes in the environment, such as climate change pose a significant threat to all icebergs. The same applies to any business where the climate and the conditions change. We probably all agree that the world is changing in an ever increasing pace, and this has consequences for all of us.

We must adapt in order to survive.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” —Charles Darwin

So with a headquarters in one of the most beautiful areas on our planet – in the tropics – we feel that the name ICEBERG Innovation presents something unusual, as we are surrounded by lots of “tropical” business names.

What’s more important is that there is a lot more to successful innovation than the proverbial tip of the iceberg. After all, it’s the critical mass that is beyond the tip which supports and enables the visible tip of the iceberg to appear above the surface. In this sense, we believe that we have the expertise and know how to help others to make your innovation “float” and stand out from the the crowd.