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Why innovate?

It’s about Profit, Market Share, Success and Survival The problem: Every product and service has a beginning and an end. Most people just don’t realise this. We tend to think that some things have been there forever, and we somehow fool ourselves to believe that things will stay the way they are. But the aren’t. […]

Breakthrough with the ICEBREAKER method

We’re proud to publicly announce our new framework called ICEBREAKER™. When you are in a crisis or in need of innovation, it’s typically not easy to come up with a good solution quickly. That’s why we’ve been looking for ways to solve this problem, and we’re very pleased with the results so far. Our method […]


Our name stands for something solid. ICEBERGs are solid. However, changes in the environment, such as climate change pose a significant threat to all icebergs. The same applies to any business where the climate and the conditions change. We probably all agree that the world is changing in an ever increasing pace, and this has […]